Three Maryland Families Awarded $3.97 Million in Asbestos Case

 In Law Planet

Today, three former Bethlehem Steel workers’ families were awarded $3.97 million in an asbestos case. The three steelworkers, Henry Copland, Dennis Ellison and Elihu Alford, died of lung cancer that their families argued was caused by the brakes on cranes and the mill motor used to transport steel. The plaintiffs had sued General Electric in Baltimore Circuit Court over asbestos-lined industrial brakes used in cranes and other equipment at the mill.

Congratulations to the Plaintiff’s Attorney that did not give up in the fight against the large corporate giant, General Electric. A spokesman for GE said the company disagrees with the verdict and plans to appeal. GE argued that its brakes did not give off dangerous fibers and that the men’s lung cancer was caused by other materials at the Sparrows Point steel mill.

Click Here to read more about the case from Associated Press.

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