Avandia Get Reprieve and Receives FDA Warning NOT Ban

 In Law Planet

The Executives at GlaxoSmithKline  must be breathing a huge sigh of relief. They only received a mere minor setback with the new Food and Drug Administration decision. Yesterday, The FDA  advisory panels called  for new warnings for the widely used diabetes drug Avandia. New evidence has shown that it significantly raises the risk of heart attack, however, they stopped short of recommending that the drug be pulled from the market, as some FDA officials had urged. I wonder why and how they managed to get a 22 to 1 vote to allow continued sales of  Avandia?

Avandia Heart Risk ChartThere has been controversy among regulators, drug company officials, physicians and advocates for patients, who have offered dueling interpretations of contradictory safety studies. Maybe it is because it is a “Billion Dollar Baby” for the North Carolina Drug Maker, GlaxoSmithKline. Last year, Avandia produced $3 billion in sales for the company. Today, stock for GlaxoSmithKline closed at $51.08, an increase of $1.64 per share. I think that shareholders must be happy with the news of the new FDA warning.

The company that produces Tums and other well known brands have been given another chance to make a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world. Let’s hope that this miracle they received, will keep them in check and make them proactively share critical information to unsuspecting consumers before they take a GSK drug or product, instead of after the fact. Good corporate citizenship requires as much, if not more. Click Here to read more from the Washington Post on the Avandia FDA Warning.


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