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Johnathan Friedman, author of E-Commerce Law Blogand Host of the Carnival for Blawg Review #140 did an excellent job, spreading holiday cheer.  I came across his Blawg Review, while checking on our date to be the host of the Blawg Review Round Up/ Carnival next year. Our date for the Whistleblower Law Blog happens to be May 12, 2008, mark your calendars… A Blawg Review is a weekly review of law-related posts from a variety of blogs, hosted on different Blog site each week. The weekly Host decides which submissions and recommended posts are included in the presentation.

I digress, sorry… Now back to why I am writing this post, to tell Mr. Friedman, how much I enjoyed his Carnival. The tie in of the twelve days of Christmas was clever. I must give you two thumbs up for sharing your humor in the Carnival, with the classic song, “The Twelve days of Christmas”. I can’t get over how Jim Dunigan, A Wealth Manager at PNC was able to keep a straight face throughout his Christmas Price Index (CPI) PNC clip. I shared this with several financial  friends.. They loved it… Thanks for including this in your Blawg Review. You did not stop there with flexing your literary wit. You proceeded to follow the pattern of the famous song with each of your first 12 posts you reviewed. Brilliant… … I enjoyed reading each one.  Your attention to detail, encouraged me to click on each link to the referenced blog post.  Not to leave anyone out, your stocking stuffers at the tail end, intrigued me just the same… So much so, that a few of the blogs have been tagged as favorites in delicious. I will attempt to highlight a few.   I found the blog post from Lowering the Bar, to be entertaining.  It is nice to have a new addition to my Blawgs with humor. I took note on what and the analogy between Amazon and Client Activity. Why not interact with customers in ways they prefer?  It leads to a win-win relationship on both ends. Why can’t the legal industry take a lesson on mastering client relationships, from an industry giant like Amazon?  I know I am going to catch some heat on this statement. The post from the Inspired Solo on “Aligning your work day for a higher purpose”, was enlightening. It made me stop and take a “constructive break”. I plan to do follow this a lot more next year.  Staying on track is the only way to accomplish goals, both personal and professional.

I also enjoyed the Conglomerate post on Sign of the Apocalypse: Suing Over Grades. It makes one think twice about our new crop of legal eagles. Last but definitely not least, a post was included from The New York Personal Injury Law Blog on Attorney Solicitation 2.0. This post really adds to the discussion on lawyers advertising.  We should all thank Eric for laying a great foundation on the history of the ethics and advertising debate. Just recently, The Florida Supreme Court  on December 20, 2007,  issued a revised opinion on Case No. SC05-2194 Amendments to the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar – Advertising, effective February 1, 2008. These rules are 59 pages long and outlines explicit details of what is and is not acceptable for lawyer advertising. If you want to read Florida’s new Lawyer Advertising rules, click here.

After all is said and done, it is safe to say, I enjoyed Blawg Review #140 hosted by Robert Friedman on the E-Commerce Blog. I hope that readers enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it……

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