Earth Day 2009 – Doing your part in the work place

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Today is Earth Day, celebrated in the United States officially, since 1970. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. Earth Day is about being environmentally friendly. This includes includes work, home and play.

Since our Readers are mostly reading the WhistleBlower Law Blog from work, we are sharing a  few Simple Steps that can be implemented in the work place. 

  1. Use a Laptop at work – Laptops use 50 percent of the energy used by a typical desktop PC when plugged in and just 1 percent of the energy when running on batteries.
  2. Use Double Sided Printing – Use Double Sided printing whenever possible to save on paper. This cuts down on the finished size of a multi-page document.
  3. Recycle Cartridges – Recycle empty printer, copier and fax cartridges. Empty laser and inkjet cartridges can be refilled or remanufactured several times.
  4. Turn Off Lights in Unoccupied Rooms – Lights should be turned off in unoccupied conference rooms and offices. If you walk by an empty conference room, switch the light off. Use Disposable Cups – Provide mugs and glasses in the office to eliminate the need to use disposable cups for beverages.
  5. Use Flash Drive, PDF’s and Save Paper – Save on paper, use Flash Drives, Disks and PDF’s to save and share your computer files. 
  6. Use teleconferencing and Webinars – Use Teleconferences and Webinars where possible to save on traffic and commute time for meetings and seminars.

Celebrate Earth Day 2009 and do your part in being more environmentally friendly at work. Check out the following book:  Easy Being Green by Crissy Trask for more tips on Being Green

Happy Earth Day!

P.S. At LaBovick & LaBovick, we are doing our part, we implement these simple steps every day in our offices.  In fact, our new headquarters is equipped with light sensors that automatically turn off lights if there is no activity or movement in a room after 10 minutes. We also recycle print, ink cartridges, cans, bottles, and paper (when possible). We hope that more businesses and individuals join us in making a difference today on Earth Day and every day of the year.

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