Costa Concordia Cruise Tragedy Continues to Grow

 In Maritime Law

Costa Concordia AccidentThe Costa tragedy continues to grow. There have been 11 people confirmed dead, several still missing and many more injured. The Italian Coast Guard has released a tape where the Coast Guard was ordering the ship’s Captain back to the vessel after he abandoned ship with passengers still aboard. The cowardly, clueless Captain had no idea regarding the gravity of the situation. After being apprised of same, he still refused to re-board the ship and help the evacuation efforts. He was subsequently arrested and now sits in an Italian jail. He faces prison time for abandoning the ship and may face manslaughter charges for the death of the passengers. As I predicted, the fallout will hurt Costa and its parent company, Carnival, “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line.” Carnival’s stock price fell nearly $5 a share yesterday and may go further south as the investigation uncovers more information. Cruise line industry experts say that this event will affect the industry as a whole due to the mounting distrust of the operation of these cruise ships. It’s time for some public relations and damage control. Stay tuned.


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