Costa Concordia Ship Accident

 In Maritime Law

Costa Concordia AccidentA Costa Concordia cruise liner suffered the worst possible of all scenarios last week. One of their ships had run aground, listed, then tipped onto its side causing injury and death to many of its passengers. When it couldn’t seem to get any worse, the life boats malfunctioned. Then it comes out that the Captain changed the direction of the ship as a favor to a passenger. This led to the vessel striking the rock that caused the damage.

One has to wonder how this could happen in this day and age of modern technology. The modern cruise ship is outfitted with equipment specifically designed to prevent collisions with submerged or partially submerged objects. Additionally, there is always a crew member assigned as a look out. This accident was a complete fail on the part of the captain and crew. It was unequivocally avoidable. The pure and simple negligence of Costa has caused the ultimate disaster.  The fallout from this incident will be felt industry wide. Carnival, Costa’s parent company, will be called upon to explain how something like this could happen. They will pay in lost business, revenues and lawsuit damages. The reputation of the cruise line will be tarnished indefinitely. Most tragedies are avoidable; in this case it was senseless and unjustifiable as well.   


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