New Bus and Truck Safety Report Sheds Light on Unsafe Conditions

 In Personal Injury

This summer Federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) conducted a surprise inspection sweep of many motor coaches, large trucks and tour buses. The sweep will cut across 13 states including most of the Eastern seaboard and the District of Columbia. The reason, and need, for these inspections is because of the rash of fatal accidents that have steadily risen in number over the past year.

We all assume buses and motor coach greyhound bus style travel is safe. Suddenly the lack of government regulation, difficult to bring tort/negligence claims and almost no oversight, is causing people to get hurt or even die unnecessarily. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA) has also taken note. They are proposing additional requirements to include anti-rollover equipment on all motor coaches and big trucks. This coincides with the release of a 1,600 page report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) that details the reasons for the deaths of passengers for bus accidents over the last year in New York City. That report spotlights many safety issues for buses. The new equipment has been effective at stopping roll overs on cars and light trucks. Engineering this computer assisted braking and vehicle movement stabilizers to fit buses and large trucks will certainly save lives.

Summer travel brings on a a glut of motor coach, large truck and bus travel. Certainly accidents will increase. Travel on buses throughout our national parks, and around the major cities, is the norm for many tourists. Hopefully with new regulations, better equipment, and increased inspections we will all have safe summer vacations.

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