Can a Minor Automobile Accident Cause Injuries?

 In Personal Injury

Oftentimes, I meet with clients involved in automobile accidents with very minor property damage.  Nevertheless, they are injured.  Countless studies have been performed to debunk the myth that minor vehicle damage collisions will not cause vehicle occupants injuries. According to a study performed by accident reconstructionist, John J. Smith P.E., MSBMT, MSEE, “discounting injuries based on lack of vehicle damage is not supported by either the laws of physics or the empirical data available.” Unfortunately, insurance company adjusters argue a minor impact cannot cause any serious injury.  As a result, insurance companies will typically offer very little money to individuals involved in accidents with minimal property damage. As an attorney, my job is to prove serious injuries exist despite the appearance of minimal property damage.  Simply put, insurance companies need to understand your vehicle was designed to sustain low velocity impacts.  However, the human body was not.  Take a look at the excerpt from the study below.


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