Boating safety awareness decreases injuries in 2012

 In Personal Injury

The past year was proven to be a safer boating year than those in the past with reported deaths at zero and injuries down from the year before. However, property damage estimates were up, and that could be attributed to a number of external forces. 

Florida Fishing & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials cite the increased number of people wearing life jackets as a reason for the decline in deaths and injuries in 2012. Children six years and under are required to wear a life jacket at all times on a boat while it is moving. The vessel must have enough jackets to accommodate all guests. Additionally, people are becoming aware of the boating safety rules and are paying better attention while on the water. Most incidents occur in the inlets, which are higher traffic areas.

Remember, boating can be fun but can be dangerous if the safety rules are not followed. The captain has a responsibility to the passengers to provide a safe experience. Failure to do so results in injury and can result in liability for the person at fault. Pay attention. If you follow the safety rules set for by the FWC and Coast Guard, you will have guaranteed yourself and your passengers a better, safer experience.

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