Plane Accident Victims Need to Know Their Rights

 In Personal Injury

Commercial jet/airplane accidents are always someone’s fault. There is never a time when a commercial airline flight should “go down.” It is either a matter of pilot error, in which case the airline is at fault; or maintenance, in which case the airline and its maintenance company are at fault. Almost never is it the fault of an air traffic control person, but when that occurs the airport is at fault. The fact still remains that in no cases are the passengers at fault. 

Fortunately for the passengers in Asiana Flight 214, there were only two confirmed deaths, but there were unfortunately 180 injuries. It could have been far worse. The truth is this should never have happened! Every one of these passengers needs help now. They will have lost wages, medical bills, lost business opportunities, lost vacation time and horrible injuries as well as terrifying mental images that will remain for the rest of their lives. 

Many airline passengers, especially those who are international, may not be fully aware of their rights under US and aviation laws. For example, it’s important to know that in aviation accident litigation, there is a time limit in which a lawsuit can be filed. This is called “Statute of Repose,” and it is based on how long the airplane or part in question has been in service, the jurisdiction of the accidents and potential liable parties.

The passengers of Asiana Flight 214 and any other plane accident victims need to know their legal rights. They should choose a reliable law firm to represent them and to give their families the attention they deserve. It will be a long and hard road, and the airline industry takes precautions to protect itself. You need to protect your family and get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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