Injuries and Child Auto Safety

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Injuries and Child Auto Safety

Despite our society’s growing desire to provide nothing but the best for younger generations, we have repeatedly overlooked one simple way to improve the future of our children: automobile safety.  Although the rate of seat belt use in the United States has increased dramatically, a statistic such as this one applies more to adults than children. Based on the research and the numerous instances of child injury and fatality, it seems that our vehicles pose much more danger to children than we may realize.

The responsibility for child auto safety is shared; not only do parents need to learn more about keeping their children safe while driving, but our society also needs to push for improved automobile design, as well as legislation which would better enforce child auto safety.

In terms of manufacturing our automobiles, there are many simple design adjustments that can drastically improve child safety—and save lives.  First of all, there’s the problem of seat belt fit for kids.  This is not a new problem, as standard automobile seat belts have long caused problems for the safety of children.  Most kids find their adult-sized shoulder strap uncomfortable, and it has long been misconceived that it is safe to place the shoulder strap behind the child, leaving the young one with only a lap belt to protect them.  If wearing a lap belt is considered dangerous for adults, then why would this be any safer for our children? There are many simple and inexpensive adjustments that can be made when designing the car, such as providing an adjustable shoulder belt that can greatly improve child auto safety.

Yet, how can automobile manufacturers truly know what is considered “safe” for our children, when they do not properly test their vehicles for children.  Unfortunately, when the federal government requires automobile crash testing with test dummies, there are no child dummies in these vehicles. This is a dangerous oversight.
All in all, there are many simple ways in which our society can better safeguard the future of our children, and it all begins with learning how.

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