Routine Circumcision Leads to Medical Malpractice

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patient in hospital Last month a 56-year-old Alabama man went into the hospital for a routine circumcision.  When he awoke from the surgery he realized that his penis had been amputated. The man has since filed a lawsuit and claims that he was never warned that the procedure could result in an amputation. He also has claimed that there were no doctors around when he woke to explain what had gone wrong.

Now, what’s incredible is that these types of cases are popping up all over the place, and they occur all the time.  Typically what we hear is that someone goes in for an amputation of the left leg, and the right leg gets amputated.  However, here we have someone who went in for a routine circumcision, and his penis was amputated.  

This is clearly a medical malpractice case.  What makes it a medical malpractice case is that the physicians deviated from their standard of care. The standard of care is how a physician should behave.  A physician is expected to behave in the same fashion as other physicians would in the same specialty.  In other words, they have to act like the reasonable, prudent position of that specialty.  If they deviate from that standard of care then they have breached their duty to their patient.  When you go see your doctor, you create a patient/physician relationship, and your doctor has to give you a certain standard of care.

 As mentioned earlier, it’s when they deviate from that standard of care that the doctor is in trouble for committing medical malpractice.  It’s very important for us to keep in mind that in the state of Florida we have a very strict statute of limitations.  That means the patient has two years to file a lawsuit, and that time starts to run at the moment you know or should have known the malpractice took place.  

Medical malpractice can be devastating for a patient; if you have any questions concerning medical malpractice, don’t hesitate to call us here at the LaBovick Law Group for a free consultation

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