CrossFit Injuries and How They Can Be Prevented

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crossfitMost people these days have heard of group fitness gyms, such as CrossFit. This particular fitness style incorporates calisthenics, Olympic weight lifting and gymnastics, and focuses on getting any body type at any age into a healthy lifestyle through hard work. In the past several years, these gyms have become extremely popular and “CrossFit” itself is now considered a sport, even holding its own competition series that includes regional level events, and an annual main event in California.

This style of fitness is supposed to offer an intense workout, and like any other sport there is great potential for serious injuries. Ever wonder why every gym, big box or privately owned, has you sign a waiver? This protects the company if you get hurt. By signing this waiver you are taking on a lot of the responsibility if you get injured.

How to prevent injury

Before joining any type of gym, do your research. Ask friends and family for recommendations. And do your own due diligence online through searches and through the gyms’ individual websites. Most of these gyms have their own websites with FAQ’s as well as a short history of the gym, and some even have a list of courses or certifications that their trainers have earned. Find a gym that you believe is going to be the best fit for you with what you believe are experienced and properly trained instructors. No matter what your experience level, you can always get hurt if you’re taking incorrect instruction or you’re not being corrected on improper form.

Another important thing to remember (since you signed that waiver) is that you can’t be afraid to ask questions. If you know you are not at the level to perform a certain movement, ask your trainer for a modification that you can do instead. If you feel unsure on a certain lift or movement, ask your trainer to watch you and help you correct any mistake in your form. When you don’t ask questions you don’t learn the correct form and that is when you get injured. Your trainers are there for a reason. They want you to learn the correct and healthy way to be fit.

A final thought that could be an issue for a lot of eager athletes is that you need to listen to your body. CrossFit is meant to push you to your limit but if your body (not your mind) is yelling at you to stop… listen to it.

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