Automobile Recalls to Watch Out For

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safetyfirstRecall lists are constantly being updated with new safety problems involving cars, motorcycles, foods and even toys that your children play with.  With major issues of faulty airbags and faulty ignition switches GM has been at the top of this list for most of the year. However, there have been several recalls for other car manufactures as well. Here are just a few of the most recently announced safety recalls for automobiles.

Saturn Ignition Switch

Approximately 202,155 Saturn Vue vehicles manufactured between 2002 and 2004 have been recalled due to another ignition issue. In these cars it may be possible to remove the key when the ignition is not in the “off” position.  This hazard increases the chances of a “rollaway” and the potential risk of an accident that could injure passengers of the vehicle as well as pedestrians in the area.

As of now, a recall schedule has yet to be set, but once it is dealers will inspect the car and fix any necessary services free of charge.

Chrysler Auto Defect

Chrysler has announced a recall that affects almost 16,000 vehicles. The automobiles included in this recall were manufactured between 2014 and 2015, and include the Jeep Cherokee, Ram 1500 and Chrysler 200. The reason for this recall is a defect in the rear shocks that cause them to detach from the vehicle. This affects the tires and breaking ability of the car increasing the risk of an accident.

The recall began in August 2014, and owners can take their vehicle to a dealer that will service the necessary parts at no cost to the vehicle owner.

General Motors Safety Recall

Some 2011-2013 Buick Regal and 2013 Chevrolet Malibu vehicles may contain an auto defect that fails to alert the driver if a turn signal bulb burns out.  This goes against the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108 regarding “Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment.” If the driver is unaware of the blown signal light and continues driving the vehicle, other drivers have no way of knowing which way the car is turning, and therefore there is a greater risk of an accident.

Like the Chrysler recall, this recall started last month, and dealers will fix the necessary parts in your vehicle at no charge.

Honda Motorcycle Break Recall

Approximately 126,000 Honda motorcycles have been recalled due to a rear brake problem.  Several motorcycles are affected by this recall, including 2001-2010 and 2012 GL1800, and 2001-2005 GL1800A. This defect may cause the rear brakes to drag after being released, which could increase the risk of a crash and could generate enough heat to start a fire.

A recall is scheduled to begin sometime this month (September 2014) once a remedy has been determined.

If a recall has been issued for your vehicle it is important to bring it into a dealer and have it fixed at your earliest convenience. Driving around with a defect or safety problem is not only dangerous to you and your passengers, but could also cause injury to those sharing the road with you. 

Images courtesy of by​​ Stuart Miles

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