Eye Injury Prevention Month

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eye exam - arztsamuiI recently went to my ophthalmologist, and he reminded me that October is eye injury prevention month! While I wasn’t as excited as he was, it reminded me how much we rely on our eyesight on a daily basis. It also got me thinking about several cases that have involved serious eye injury claims and lawsuits.

Lawsuits involving traumatic eye injuries are very valuable. However, it takes a significant amount of work to properly show and prove the injury in order to secure a large jury verdict. As an example, I have had cases where pedestrians hit by vehicles later suffer serious and traumatic eye injuries over time due to the impact. Unfortunately, eye injuries are not always immediately recognized and can be slow to develop. Even low speed pedestrian impacts can lead to eye injuries such as a detached retina.

After performing a quick search I quickly realized that eye injuries occur more frequently than I imagined. More than 2,000 eye injuries occur across the nation daily. Out of those injuries, 1,000 eye injuries are attributable to workplace injuries. Many of these are attributable to defective products, unsafe working conditions or simple negligence.

In light of eye injury prevention month, maintaining good eye health is also an important component to having great vision for many years to come. Early detection and treatment of eye conditions and diseases are essential to maintaining your vision throughout your life. Adults between the ages of 40 and 65 are encouraged to meet with their ophthalmologist every 2 to 4 years for an in-depth eye exam.

Eye injuries can occur in a moment’s notice. If you or a loved one have experienced an eye injury as a result of someone else’s negligence it is important that you select a legal team who can properly prove the damages suffered by the victim to get a verdict you deserve.

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