Consumer Product Safety Commission Aims to Ban Small Magnet Toys

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safetyfirstIt was only recently announced that last year a small child died from consuming several small magnetic balls. Now, The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is banning any small magnetic toys or balls that a child could easily swallow.

The 19-month-old victim had swallowed up to seven of these magnetic balls that her brothers brought home from school. When her parents brought her into the doctor’s office she was misdiagnosed with simply having a cold that was causing stomach pains. Unfortunately, unless you see the child swallow these magnets it is hard to know that they are in there. The parents and the toddler were sent home thinking it was nothing serious. The next day the toddler was found unresponsive and was soon pronounced dead. Sadly it was unknown that the child had swallowed these magnets until an autopsy was performed, and the magnets were found.

If not taken care of quickly, these strong magnets will find each other in the child’s intestine and connect. When this happens the magnets can perforate the bowl and cause it to become septic, essentially poisoning and killing the child.

The CPSC also announced that there were 7,700 magnet-related injuries that brought children into the emergency room last year.  When found in time the magnets can be surgically removed. Sometimes they are removed without a problem while other times, depending on the damage, some of the ripped intestines must also be removed.

The CPSC has recalled several items that fit this description such as Buckyballs or Magnicubes and have created a test that any new magnetic toys will have to pass in order to be considered safe and sellable. The test involves a cylinder tube that will show whether or not the magnet is a choking hazard. The CPSC staff wrote sent a proposal to the entire commission that was voted on late last month and accepted, approving the above test that prevents any high-powered magnet toys from being too small and therefore creating the choking hazard and injury.

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Images courtesy of by​​ Stuart Miles

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