Rusting Burner Box Makes Kenmore Gas Grill a Safety Hazard

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grilleIf not taken care of properly gas grills can be a major fire safety hazard. However, recently there have been complaints from Kenmore grill owners that the burner box, a box that separates the flames from the propane tank, is not only rusting but disintegrating in fairly new grills. This creates a fire hazard and also a possible explosion hazard!

Consumers have brought complaints about the rusting to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) but not all of them have been made public. This is because the government did not see the gas grill as being a safety hazard. Therefore no recall has been announced by the CPSC.

Consumers have also called Sears, where the Kenmore grill can be purchased, and have asked them about possible replacement parts. Sears does have the part available, but it would cost the consumer another $365, which is enough money to buy an entire new grill. After several calls from WPTV News Channel 5, Sears has come out saying the fire box does rust prematurely and that they are not only replacing the part at no charge, but Kenmore is also changing the material to a more durable and longer lasting steel. Customers who have experienced this issue can call 1-800-469-4663 to request a complete firebox tray replacement. 

If there has been a burn injury from this hazard don’t hesitate to have it checked by a doctor.  Burns can cause far more extensive injuries than to just to the burned skin and there can be long lasting health effects on your body.  Many times these injuries are due to user error, but sometimes, like in the case of these Kenmore grills, it can be another party whose negligence may have caused the fire or explosion. Burns are an awful and painful experience and having an attorney on your side who understands your injury is really worth it.

If you or a loved one has been injured due someone else’s negligence call us at the LaBovick Law Group for your free consultation, and we will help you get the compensation that you deserve. 

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