Thanksgiving Safety

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Happy-Thanks-Giving-CipartThanksgiving is one of the biggest cooking holidays of the year. With so much going on in the kitchen and several people trying to help all at once, including younger children, the kitchen can quickly become a danger zone.  The following are some safety tips to keep you, your family and your friends safe this Thanksgiving.

Kitchen Safety

  1. Test your smoke alarms: It is extremely important to make sure the smoke detectors in your home are working. With so much food being cooked at the same time there is always the possibility that something will be forgotten and could potentially catch fire.
  2. Use pot holders and oven mitts: Always use either pot holders or oven mitts when handling pots and pans. With several dishes being around at one time it could be easy to forget which ones have been sitting out for a while and which ones have just come off the stove or out of the oven.  
  3. NEVER use a turkey fryer in an enclosed space: Fryers should NEVER be used inside your home, on a wooden deck, under a patio, in a garage or any other enclosed space. These fryers can easily start fires and should only be used outside away from anything that could be flammable.
  4. Double check your appliances: Once all the cooking is finished be sure you double check that all of your appliances have been turned off. Leaving things like a stove burner, oven or microwave on is another potential fire hazard. Leaving these items on could also burn other family members when in the kitchen if they don’t realize the items are still on.
  5. Carve the turkey away from you: When it is time to carve the turkey it is very important to keep the blade of the knife away from you. This will lower your chance of cutting yourself.

It is important to keep your family safe during the hectic holiday season, and that includes the four-legged members of your family! While we enjoy all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes and drinks, there are a lot of things on the table that can be poisonous to dogs. The following are a few items that can be dangerous to our furry friends.

Pet Safety

  1. Onions and Garlic: Both onion and garlic contain sulfide. This is toxic to animals and could lead to things such as anemia.
  2. Alcohol: Any type of alcohol is bad for dogs to consume. However, the hops in beer are especially dangerous for a dog to consume.
  3. Chocolate: Although we think chocolate is delicious (and I’m sure our animals do too) it contains theobromine, which is poisonous to a dog, and if too much of it is consumed it could lead their death.
  4. Nutmeg: Nutmeg can cause many central nervous systems problems for man’s best friend.  It can also cause your dogs to have seizures!
  5. Turkey skin and bones: Turkey skin is very high in fat, which makes it really hard for a dog to digest. The same goes for any other type of food that is also high in fat. The cooked turkey bones are also very dangerous for a dog because they could splinter in their digestive tract and cause serious harm, including internal bleeding.

Although there are many things you should not give your dog on Thanksgiving, there are a few dishes that you can sneak a few bites of to your furry pal. The white meat of the turkey is filled with protein and vitamins that are good for your dog just make sure they are in treat sized bites. Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are also beneficial to your dog’s health. Just be sure there aren’t many spices mixed in with it and especially make sure there is no nutmeg.

By following these tips you, your family and your dogs are sure to have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving safety tips


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