How much is my injury case worth?

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dollar symbolThe question “How much is my case worth?” is often asked by clients. It is important for people to know that not all cases are going to be worth the same, even if they are similar. When it comes down to it there are five factors that will help determine how much a case is worth.


There are two types of damages that can affect your case. The severity of each will have an impact on how much your case is worth.

  • Economic Damages: These include treatments, property damage, hospital bills and any other tangible, billable items.
  • Non-Economic Damages: These are damages that cause a loss of enjoyment in your life. In order for non-economic damages to be considered (for example from a car accident), your injuries must be permanent.

Causation of Damages

How did you sustain your injuries? If your injuries were from a previous accident or simply pre-existing, your case may not be worth as much as it would if you injuries were directly related to the accident you were involved in.


Liability is the most significant factor in determining the worth of a case. Who was at fault for the accident that occurred? In Florida we have something called comparative negligence, which means that more than one person can be found at fault for an accident.  For example, the injured person is found to be 20% at fault, and the other person was found 80% at fault. In this case the injured would get the amount determined by the judge, jury or settlement minus the 20% (i.e. $100,000 would become $80,000).


These are the least predictable of all the factors and are only involved if your case goes to trial. Intangibles are things such as how likable the defendant may be to the jury or how likeable you may be to the jury.  Working with your attorney and preparing for your trial will help to enhance your intangible value.

Available Insurance

How much insurance do you have? The more insurance that is available to be recovered, the more valuable your case may be worth. If you, the plaintiff, or the defendant are either underinsured or uninsured, there may not be much that you will be able to recover. Do you know what Florida auto insurance coverage you should have?

These five factors will have a lot of impact on how much your case is worth. Every case is going to be different even if they are similar in some ways. To go over your case and better calculate how much it may be worth, call us today and set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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