Has Your Holiday Gift Been Recalled?

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In 2014, the car industry made the news with several sets off product recalls that seemed to continuously expand. These recalls are usually big news and easy for consumers to find information about. However, cars are not the only products that are recalled. In fact, some everyday items can be recalled for many different safety hazards. The following products are just a few of the most recently announced recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC):

Ikea Mattress

Ikea Crib Mattress

Two incidents of infants getting trapped between the mattress and the end of the crib have been reported to the company. Although there have been no injuries to go along with these reports, Ikea has still recalled the mattress. The VYSSA crib mattresses are too short and therefore create the space that allows infants to become trapped. The following models are included in the recall and were all manufactured on or before May 4, 2014:

  • SLÖA

Consumers with this mattress should immediately stop the use of it, and bring it back to an IKEA store for an exchange or full refund.



Star Ride Kids Girls Pajama Sets

These pajama sets do not meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear. The pajama sets were sold in department stores nationwide. There have been no injuries reported, but they do pose the risk of a burn injury to the child. These sets were sold in sizes 4 to 14 and have a style reference number “5217” or “5250” on a label in the side seam of each shirt. Specific color and picture combinations of the pajama sets can be found here.

Consumers should take the pajamas away from children and return the set to the place purchased for a full refund.


KeurigCoffeemakerKeurig® MINI Plus Brewing Systems

Keurig® has received approximately 200 reports of hot water escaping from the machine and 90 reports of this malfunction causing burn related injuries.  The recalled units will have a serial number starting with “31” and would have been produced between December 2009 and July 2014. They are single-serve style and are approximately 11 inches tall. This product was sold in several colors and is classified by a serial number located on its bottom.

Consumers can contact Keruig® for a free repair and the company will instruct you on how to avoid a burn injury while you wait for the repair.

To find a full and up to date list of recalls visit the CSPC website. It is extremely important to be aware of items that have been recalled. Although they may not have an obvious malfunction, like the Keruig®, they can still be a danger to both yourself and your family. 

All images courtesy of CSPC.gov

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