Last Year’s Automobile Recalls Continue into 2015

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airbagIt looks like the automobile industry hasn’t gotten over its rough year. Last year GM had several recalls that included millions of cars with faulty ignition starters.  Unfortunately, this was only the start of the industry’s problems. Although GM seemed to be hit the worst several other manufacturers including Honda, Ford, Nissan and Toyota, were hit with major safety recalls.  These recalls were made over the GM faulty ignition, fire hazards, seat issues and the issue resurfacing early this year… airbag problems.

Earlier this month the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a recall that included more than 2.12 million vehicles. The problem with these cars once again comes down to an issue that causes the airbag to deploy inadvertently. As of right now this issue may have been the cause of six reported deaths.

This recall includes the following makes and models:

  • Acura MDX manufactured in 2003
  • Dodge Viper  manufactured from 2003 through 2004
  • Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee manufactured from 2002 through 2004
  • Jeep Liberty manufactured from 2002 through 2003
  • Honda Odyssey minivan manufactured from 2003 through 2004
  • Pontiac Vibe manufactured from 2003 through 2004
  • Toyota Corolla manufactured from 2003 through 2004
  • Toyota Matrix  manufactured from 2003 through 2004
  • Toyota Avalon manufactured from 2003 through 2004

The above listed vehicles were included in either of the following two previous recalls. Onc recall replaced a malfunctioning electric part made by TRW Automotive that caused the airbag to deploy even without the vehicle being in an accident. The other recall was the major “exploding” airbag recall involving Takata Corp.  NHSTA is telling consumers that this latest recall does NOT fix the previous one and that both the recalls should be repaired. Consumers may contact NHSTA with any questions regarding the recalls.

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