One Hundred And Thirty New Laws Just Took Effect In Florida: Here Is What You Need To Know

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silhouette of FloridaAs of today, July 1, 2015 there are 130 new laws that were produced by the Legislature this year in both regular and special sessions.  For the year there were a total of 239 bills sent to Governor Rick Scott and he only vetoed 7 of them. Also 63 of the laws that were approved by Scott were immediately put into effect. Many of the new laws will make technical changes to State statutes or have some form of ties to the $78.2 billion spending plan.  Here are just some of the more noteworthy laws that as of today are taking effect.


SB 2500A: The spending plan for this fiscal year is the largest in state history at $78.2 billion. This included higher funding for public schools, universities and colleges and the Agency of Persons with Disabilities. It will also go to the repair of 94 bridges and the replacement of 16 others. Money from this budget will also be going towards protection for the state’s natural springs among others.


 HB 633: This is perhaps one of the most controversial laws going into effect today.  The new law will require a 24-hour waiting period before women can have an abortion. Under the law, information about abortions must be provided in person to the woman at least 24-hours before the procedure is performed. There are however exceptions to women who were victims or rape, incest, domestic violence, or human trafficking. In these cases however, the women must be able to produce police reports, restraining orders, medical records or other documentation as proof.


 HB 7013: This new laws provides $5,000 payments to government workers who adopt foster children and $10,000 for the adoption of a child with special needs. It also repeals the ban on letting gay couple adopt a child.


 HB225: The “All-American Flag Act” requires that all U.S and Florida flags purchased by governments in Florida are made from materials grown, produced, and manufactured in the United States.


HB 41: This will revise a law known as “Gabby’s Law for Student Safety”.  The law looks at how hazardous walking conditions are identified and handled. It allows a school districts superintendent to make a formal request to government agencies with jurisdiction over roads to correct the hazard.

Law Enforcement

SB 264 : This law states that local law-enforcement agencies CANNOT use ticket quotas and that individual local governments must reports to the Legislature if traffic-ticket revenues cover more than 33 percent of the costs of operating their police departments.

HB 7001: This law allows children under the age of 18 to secretly record conversations related to sexual abuse or other types of violent acts.


HB 269: The “Right To Try Act” will allow terminally ill patients access to certain experimental drugs.  The law will focus on drugs that have already been through “phase 1” of a trial but not necessarily approved for general use by the United States FDA. It will also provide liability protections to doctors and drug manufacturers.


HB 4011: This repeals a law that capped the number of vehicles that can be covered by a single family insurance policy to four vehicles.

SB 1094: This is intended to provide flexible insurance options for flood coverage.

Public Records

SB 248: This law creates a public-records exemption for certain videos made by police body cameras. The exemption would apply to videos that are made on private property without the approval of the property owner or individual.

You can find the full list of the 130 new laws at the Florida Department of State’s website.

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