Amputation Due to An Accident

Amputation Due to an Accident

Accidents happen all over the country each day either on the roads, at the workplace, at construction sites, in the home and one the field of play. Some of these accidents will result in serious bodily injury or even death. Accidents that don’t result in death might result in serious bodily injury that includes amputation of a limb because of injuries sustained.

If a limb needs to be amputated following an accident your life will change forever. You may not be able to work again, which means you can apply for Social Security disability insurance benefits, and you will worry about how you will provide for your family. Amputation due to an accident can include the amputation of an arm, a leg, a hand, a foot, a toe or a finger. Not all amputations due to an accident are the right answer to solving the problem either. Sometimes a doctor will amputate a limb by mistake, known as medical malpractice, and you will have a whole other legal matter on your hands if this happens.

Have you or someone you know suffered an amputation due to an accident? If so, contact the LaBovick Law Group, for expert legal counsel regarding your case today.

There are two forms of amputations that can occur as a result of an accident. The first type of amputation is a traumatic amputation. A traumatic amputation occurs when a limb is amputated as a result of accident. The limb is amputated during the process of the accident occurring. A surgical amputation, the second type of amputation, occurs when a surgeon amputates a limb because of injuries or infections caused by the accident itself. A Florida car accident lawyer working on an amputation due to an accident can help in the following ways:

  • Talk with all insurance companies in the case
  • Talk with the defense attorney on the case
  • Handle the victim’s medical bills
  • Hire investigators to take pictures of the accident scene
  • Interview any and all witnesses to the accident

Florida injury attorney for an amputation due to an accident will help to simplify the process and relieve some of the stress involved with filing a claim in a court of law. Have you or someone you know suffered an amputation due to an accident? If so, contact the LaBovick Law Group, to speak with one of our experienced attorneys regarding your case.

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